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Three Reasons That Dirt Is Detrimental To Your Carpet

If you are the type of person that vacuums every day, this is one way to keep your carpets clean and fresh. It will also make them last longer by removing particulate matter from the carpet fibers. However, if you do not do this on a regular basis, you could find yourself replacing your carpet in just a few years. Here are the three primary reasons that dirt is bad for your carpet, and what you should do to keep it clean.

Three Ways Dirt Hurts Your Carpet

When you have particulate matter in your carpet such as dirt, or even tiny rocks from outside, it can damage your carpet very easily if it is not regularly removed. First of all, it begins to dislodge the carpet fibers from the base of the carpet, causing them to fall out. Second, it can damage the carpet fibers up higher, making them uneven on the top. Finally, dirt can actually get so deep into the fibers, the actual color of the carpet will change. By cleaning your carpet regularly with a vacuum, and also steam cleaning on a regular basis, you can avoid these problems altogether.

Keep Your Carpet Clean

As you can see from these examples, regular vacuuming and shampooing needs to be done to protect your carpet. If you would like to preserve your carpet for many years, making it last perhaps decades, regular vacuuming and shampooing is always recommended in order to remove particulate matter. Many people believe that dirt is simply what gets in your carpet and causes it to look bad. However, because it can physically damage your carpet fibers, it’s imperative that you keep your carpet is clean as possible to make your carpet last for many years to come.

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