All About Jacksonville North Carolina

If you are looking for an amazing gateway destitution or a great place to raise a family. look no further than Jacksonville North Carolina. Jacksonville is a moderately sized city nestled along the southern coast of North Carolina in Onslow county. The city itself is about 45.5 square miles, and is located close to Willington North Carolina as well as the Intercostal Waterway making it in a perfect location to be able to hit the beach or make a drive back east and see the beautiful rolling hills, as well as the Smokey Mountains.
History runs deep here in Jacksonville dating back to the early 1700’s. Military institutions have been and continue to be a large draw of the population here. It started back with the perfect location for amphibious training needed by several agencies with in the military. Today the famous Camp Lejeune is what Jacksonville is known for. Camp Lejeune is a driving force in the local retail and sales for the local economy.
The city of Jacksonville is committed to ensuring a greener way of life, but participating in green programs to help ensure that the beauty of Jacksonville will remain for future generations to come. ( The city of Jacksonville, is showing it is committed to being a family community and an all-around great place to live. Learn More…



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