Marine Corps Air Station New River

Located in Jacksonville, North Carolina the Marine Corps Air Station New River is a helicopter and tilt-rotor base. This base was originally bought in 1941 and was converted from swamp land and tobacco farms into the state-of-the-art base it is today. Today the Marine Corps Air Station New River provides aviation support, protection and community services primarily to the east coast since it was converted to a Marine Corps Base Camp in March 1943.
This base is currently led by Colonel Russell C. Burton and Sergeant Major Charles A. Metzger who both have extensive military background and nearly 50 years of military and aviation experience between them.
This air station also features the McCutcheon Field which is used in aviation training and was named after one of the pioneers of Marine helicopter aviation, Brigadier General Keith B. McCutcheon. After taking a major name change in 1968, the Marine Corps Air Station New River grew from a small training facility into a major airfield in only a few years.
Being home to one of the most innovative rotary winged aircraft in military aviation, the V22 Osprey which combines the functionality of a helicopter and the high speed performance of a turboprop aircraft, it offers extensive training for Marine Corp aviation students.
Overall, Marine Corps Air Station New River is an innovative and state-of-the-art aircraft base in Jacksonville that not only is a asset to North Carolina but to the surrounding areas as well. Click for more information


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